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Free Resources For the Family Caregiver

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Instant Download: Sundown Checklist

A straightforward checklist that guides dementia caregivers in moments of sundowning. 

Learn four key coping concepts.

Download Sundown Checklist Here

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Instant Download: The Family Caregiver Roadmap 

Learn which actions are vital and which actions to skip. The roadmap guides family caregivers of those living with dementia through all stages of care.

Download The Family Caregiver Roadmap Here

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Instant Download: Building Blocks of Meaningful Moments

Learn how to create meaningful moments with your loved one living with dementia through exploring their past responsibilities and interests.

Download Building Blocks of Meaningful Moments Here

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Grandma has Dementia was inspired by our personal journey caring for our dear loved one. 

We said goodbye to our dear Mother & Grandmother in July 2022, which only drives our desire to help caregivers even more. We understand how delicate caregiving is. We understand caring for a person with dementia involves a lot of love, as well as a lot of heartache. Please know that your caregiving efforts are worthy of praise and so incredibly valuable to your loved one, as well as to you. We are here to support you and cheer you on! 


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