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FREE Sundown Turnaround Masterclass

Ready to handle difficult sundowning behaviors with more ease?
Are you tired of feeling helpless? Are you ready to pull your hair out because your loved one is not living in reality, is not doing what you ask, and is angry at you for seemingly no reason at all?
What is you never again had to feel helpless while dealing with sundowning behaviors?

Imagine if...
-You enjoy and cherish your relationship with your loved one living with dementia
-You laugh often as you spend time together
-You regularly feel thankful for the time you spend with your loved one
-You enjoy your role as a caregiver

Sundown Turnaround Masterclass will guide you to:

❌ Stop feeling helpless during caregiving

✅ Start enjoying your time with your loved one

❌ Stop feeling anxiety along with our loved one

✅ Start feeling confident in your caregiving abilities

❌ Stop feeling angry for seemingly no reason

✅ Start appreciating your role as a caregiver

Along with the masterclass, you will receive 3 free cheat sheets:

🎁 Spice It Up Technique: Learn our special, 5 part technique in dealing with sundowning

🎁 Mindset Reset: Learn how to trick your brain into feeling better right now

🎁 Build Your Support Team: Learn how to increase the support you have quickly and effectively  

The Sundown Turnaround Masterclass is 60 minutes. The class is offered on the first Tuesday of each month at 7pm Eastern Standard Time on Zoom.

Register for your FREE seat here!

About Carolyn 

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 I'm CarolynCertified Caregiving Consultant and Educator.

I have been a personal growth mentor, speaker, and workshop facilitator since 2008. I've helped women from all walks of life boost their self-confidence and fulfill their dreams. 
When my mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer's, I began the journey to learn as much as I could about both the disease and caregiving. Dozens of books, workshops, webinars, and online courses later, I am now helping other caregivers. Bringing together my new-found wisdom, along with the personal growth tools I have used for years, my mission is to help others have less stress and more joy in their dementia journey. 

In 2022, I became a Certified Caregiving Consultant and a Certified Caregiving Educator through the Caregiving Years Training Academy. In my free presentation, The Caregiving Years: 6 Stages to a Meaningful Journey, I share coping strategies for the family caregiver. In private consultations, I assist caregivers and their families in developing a Family Emergency Plan, an After The Diagnosis Plan, as well as Care Plans for themselves and their loved one living with dementia.


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