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Are you feeling totally overwhelmed with caregiving?


Do you secretly cry in the shower because you can't handle the stress?
Or, maybe you shout it from the rooftop because it's no secret...

We've been there.

We've made more mistakes than we imagined possible...
from the harshness of "reality orientation" to placing our loved one in a memory care facility (even though we knew in our hearts this was not a good fit for her).
But we learned. We grew. And we continue to grow.

We learned to live in the dementia world. And we created a home designed for our loved one. A home that decreased sundowning, encouraged activities geared to her expertise, and filled our hearts with love and laughter. Now, we are on a mission to help caregivers have less overwhelm and more joy in their dementia journey.

We bring humor, kindness, and empathy, along with many strategic action steps to help you create a home full of love and joy for you and your loved one living with dementia.

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Grandma has Dementia was inspired by our personal journey caring for our dear loved one. 

We said goodbye to our dear Mother & Grandmother in July 2022, which only drives our desire to help caregivers even more. We understand how delicate caregiving is. We understand caring for a person with dementia involves a lot of love, as well as a lot of heartache. Please know that your caregiving efforts are worthy of praise and so incredibly valuable to your loved one, as well as to you. We are here to support you and cheer you on! 


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Dealing with Sundowning? We want to help. 

Sign up here to receive the Sundown Checklist. The checklist is perfect for those stressful moments when you need a quick coping idea during sundowning. 

Learn how to assist with sundowning through 4 key coping strategies: checking for immediate needs, ways to provide comfort, ways to get moving, & ways to connect.


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Judi C. 

The way Carolyn presented the course and her subject matter knowledge was fantastic. She is very personable and interactive, and answered every question I had, which I had quite a few.

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Dee K.

Carolyn has a unique style that makes personal change fun and easy. Her sense of humor, professionalism and ability to understand the underlying issues all combine to get smooth and lasting results.

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